Lewandoski’s Market has been a beloved part of Grand Rapids for nearly 100 years. From its start by Wencel Rymerowicz in 1923, to Lewandoski’s in 1948, the shop has established itself as the go-to meat market for people across the state of Michigan. The shop has seen a handful of ownership changes, but it has never lost its unique Polish charm. After all, Lewandoski’s Market is known for its quality meats and exceptional service and that tradition is sure to carry on.

The current owners of Lewandoski’s Market, Gary and Mary Szotko, took over ownership in late 2018 and have since focused on maintaining the sense of community, both neighborhood and Polish, that’s existed in the shop for almost a century.

A lifelong Michigander, Gary retired from the Grand Rapids Fire Department in 2012 after 27 years of service. Nowadays, when he’s not at Lewandoski’s he plays accordion as a member of the polka band, GPS.

Mary comes from a long line of German meat market owners that started Meilinger Meats in the Chicago-area before eventually resettling to Grand Haven. Mary was also born and raised in the Grand Rapids area and is excited to introduce some of her family’s German history into Lewandoski’s Market.

Both of the Szotko’s are excited about all of the possibilities that Lewandoski’s Market has to offer and are looking forward to continuing the Polish heritage of the shop for many years to come.

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